Asymmetric Muscle Development

So, you’ve *somehow* got your parents to pay for your gym. You’re all set with a pair of lifting gloves, an active t-shirt, comfy pyjamas and what not. You’re ready now, maybe more mentally than physically but still, you hit the gym. Starting with a mix of cardio and total body exercises for a few days you wade through the pain of the “first week”. If you’re determined and have made it out of the dreaded “first week” then chances are you might push through your routine.

After the first few weeks you’ll probably start noticing “those gains”. You’ll find yourself looking at the mirror quite often—shirtless. And believe me, I was no different, this is all experience talking. And if you aren’t noticing those slight changes and developments you’re doing it wrong, and you wouldn’t even come to know about this thing that I’m gonna talk about. Even if the progress is slow and small-admire it-you earned that much.

Now, you’re flexing as hard as you can in front of the mirror and you see something strange, you see one of your biceps is larger than the other, or your chest is uneven, or as the picture suggests, one lat wider than the other. Mostly, one of the sides of our bodies symmetry is weaker than the other, this is the reason why you couldn’t pull that last rep with your right hand or the triceps exercise seem easier when isolating the left hand. Some say that it’ll fix itself over time and even out the symmetry on it’s own. Some cite examples such as the evergreen Arnold Schwarzenegger whose biceps attached differently with his arms. They think that it has no possible fix otherwise Sir Schwarzenegger would have definitely done something about it.

The option you might be considering now would be leaving it to time and maybe you are right. Maybe there is no fix to this irregularity other than TIME, but halt! There is one…

Enter-UNILATERAL EXERCISES. Your messiah, your cure for the itch. What is ask? Unilateral Exercises basically target a single muscle group, like using one of your biceps or using only one side of your back. So trashing all the above theories I give to you the gift of unilateral exercises. Targeting whatever your weak spots are individually and giving them more stress will surely even out the symmetry of your body.

There are a ton of exercises you could try for different muscle groups with varying effect but later on that..

Now, as is with every single muscle fiber in your body, same goes here. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT EVER over-train a single portion of the muscle you’ll end up at the very place you began. Consistent and Controlled Training is what your weaker muscles require. Give it time and reap the results later in any way you want. A fit body can do many wonders apart from the obvious advantages.

That’s enough for this post, stay tuned for the next one and do share your requests feedback and tell me how unilateral training went for you.



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