DIETING – Not So Simple

    "You will start in full force but you'll give up soon enough."

“I’ll start tomorrow…that’s it…no junk only healthy food…daily…maybe some pizza now and then..and a burger…some soda because gotta have my cheat days.” This is how most people “diet“. And this is exactly how you “not-diet“. Dieting is by far the hardest thing involved in staying fit, that is why most of us are unfit, obese or just overall unhealthy. Dieting is more mental than physical, if your mind cannot control the 1 AM sweet craving, you shouldn’t even try healthy eating. The body is the slave of the mind, and the mind is your slave, gain control over the longings and cravings and you’re well ahead of most people in this world.

Binge eating, stress eating, eating out, eating day in and day out, is gonna make you plump, heavy to carry and become a risk to your health. Everything can be avoided if you just make the right decisions, the healthier choice, eat the right food. It isn’t that simple though, there’s tons of food that are in disguise, and if you get into uncovering every single one of it you’ll probably just fall back to good ol’ pizza with only one ingredient, true for every kind of it, happiness pure happiness. I agree junk food is such indulgence but this is what you gotta fight, dissuade from that indulgence.

Dieting has many forms, eating unhealthy but less wont make a difference apart from you having an empty stomach. Eating healthy foods with just the right calories, volume, nutrients is key. If you want to shed fat eat low-calorie, high-volume food so that your stomach is full and cravings are at bay. I you want to pack on mass you must eat dense food calorie rich, high in carbs and healthy fats. There are a million more applications and every single one has a name and finding the one just right for you is a Herculean task. Only you know what you need, if your 90 kilo-grams heavy and still think you’re light and skinny you’ll eat more, if you’re skinny and think that you’re fat, you’ll stop eating as much. You are the one in control.

Now, let’s say you finally have started dieting seriously, two weeks in and you feel little to no difference. You think you’re doing everything right but you aren’t you are not keeping track of what you eat how much you eat. This is really important. Always keep track of everything, your workouts, your diet, your rest days. That is how you truly know how much you have progressed and why some particular thing did not work. Dieting is really sensitive, a day or two of unhealthy eating and your hard work goes waste.

The severity of your diet depends on your goal. If you wanna shed crazy amounts of fat in very less time you turn to keto diets, which are really tough and challenging both mentally and physically or if you’re okay with slow but consistent fat loss you’ll simply cut calories and be done. The point is, be it exercises or diets, you must know what works for you. That comes from experience and experience only.

The macros are key to a successful diet. Knowing what you eat and what you get from it is going to help you gain faster and better. Let’s take Paneer and Tofu for instance



Paneer is obviously more calorie dense and has higher fat content than tofu, so it is ideal for those want the protein of tofu and the fat of cream. It’s the best of both worlds, optimal for bulking. Tofu, on the other hand, is basically paneer minus the excess fat which is perfect while cutting. So choose wisely, decide your main goal and choose food that fit your macros.

I’ve shown you the tip of the iceberg and it’s up to you now to flood my email with queries or not. That’s it for this post guys. Stay Tuned for more. Leave a like if you found this interesting and comment your thoughts and views. If you want me to write about something please refer the Requests And Feedback page. Thanks!


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