GYM CLOTHING – A necessity?

    "You don't have to wear them, but you could."

You’re going out for a party? PARTY-WEAR!

You’re going to your workplace? FORMAL CLOTHES!

You’re at home? Well you get the point….

We have clothes for every occasion, weddings, parties, work, holiday, picnic, hiking, and a ton other. Similarly, as soon as we decide to go to the gym we buy clothes that are labelled as- Gym Clothes. It makes sense, clothing for every occasion, thus, Gym Clothing too. Knee length pants, stretchable joggers, shorts, active t-shirts, and the list goes on. If you were to choose one that is the best, you’d probably end up buying more clothing than the total days you went to the gym.

But, some of you who came here looking for a reason to justify their decision, just don’t find buying special clothing for gyms a necessity, because it just doesn’t make sense to you. You wear just whatever you’re comfortable in, and there’s nothing wrong in that. We must wear comfortable clothes, and sometimes comfort is found in that old t-shirt and those baggy pyjamas.

Every coin has two faces, likewise, this discussion has two opinions. The should and the shouldn’t, what side are you on? Doesn’t matter. Everyone sooner or later buys clothing that is suitable for gyms. Sweat strainers or shorts, you’re unintentionally buying GYM CLOTHING. You find it comfortable you wear it to the gym. I’m not saying that clothes specially made to wear in the gym are going to give you a performance boost. The difference is very slim, really slim, so slim that you wouldn’t even notice it much.

The sole purpose of clothing is covering your body and the rest is just about how they are priced, 200 bucks? Meh. 1200 bucks? Does it give me six-pack abs?(probably not). Major brands are definitely good quality but the buck that they want for that bang is not justified. Gym fee was enough burden already, now this? You’ll probably get baffled by all this and just drop the thought. But seeing everyone in the gym wearing all those slim fit t-shirts and joggers would put you in a fit.

This topic is hardly a discussion, you’ll wear special clothes to the gym only if you think it is legit or if it is important for gains. Everyone will have different opinions and would act according to it. But, the advantage here is with those who actually wear special clothing. No sweat blotches on the bench or the seat you just used. I go to the gym and see people sweating it out in a normal t-shirt and then when they move away I’m left with their sweat wet bench. It is gross and unhygienic. (a picture for your reference)


All I’m saying is, for the sake of the Gym God, please wear some sweat absorbing clothes because nobody wants to rub off someone else’ sweat. Plus you get to look cool and flexing in slim fits is real motivation(experience). It doesn’t matter if you buy a 200 or 1200 buck one just buy one that absorbs sweat and is comfy. If you’re on a tight budget then you can save bit by bit and then buy one just don’t stress yourself on it. If you can’t afford it, COOL. Just wipe your sweat off from the bench after you get off.

That’s it for this post guys, I’m waiting on your requests so I get to choose a topic that you can relate to on a better level. The Requests and Feedback page is meant just for that. Do tell me how you liked this one. Thanks!


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