” Pre-Intra-Post. Repeat after me.”


Yes, I’ve been away for a long time, I know, I’m sorry. Secondly, You guys didn’t even miss me, HUH! Some followers you people are. Anyways, I’m back with a new topic. Supplement Stacks, pretty simple and straight-forward you might think? Well, no they are not just a bunch of Performance Enhancing Supplements thrown together. You will find tons of Posts floating around claiming ” THE BEST MUSCLE BUILDING STACK”, “THE MOST EFFECTIVE STACK”  and they work just about fine, but in my opinion, just like a training plan affects everyone slightly differently and everyone’s body reacts to supplements differently, supplement stacks must be personalized. They are a case of hit-n-miss for beginners. You try out different stuff and see what works for you and that’s how you learn and adapt and understand what gives you the best results for your efforts. It’s like a trial room, you try on different clothes and choose what fits you best. Now what is a supplement stack? It is not just a pile of all your supplements, it is a group of products that you use together that give you maximum results. A stack must be improvised in such a way that it makes sense, the supplements used must have a benefit if being used with other supplements in your stack.


Supplement Stacks can range from extremely simple ones to humongous whole-day stacks. It depends on the goals that you have set. I’ll break it down for you. The most common and most used stack is the Pre-Intra-Post stack. If you are near your goal weight and almost in shape or already in shape and don’t want to drop to crazy low body-fat levels in a short spell of time then you’ll most probably follow this stack. This particular stack has three main intakes- Pre-Workout, Intra-Workout, Post-Workout. Pre-Workout will contain energy boosters and potent components like caffeine, L-Arginine etc. These are added to give you the “Sick Pump”, and taking too much of these can make you literally a “Sick bum”. Never overdose a potent Pre-Workout. NEVER. Now you have downed the Pre-Workout, time for the Intra-Workout, these bad boys can make you lift longer and heavier and will most probably contain Branched Chain Amino Acids, BCAAs. There is a ton of research available on these and you  can consume them any time of the day, but I recommend using them Intra-Workout. Then comes the recovery phase after you’ve “killed it in the Gym”. Your muscles are dying for Fast-Absorbing Protein and that is exactly what you give them when you gulp your Whey Protein Shakes. It has been said a million times that Whey is a fast absorbing protein. This is your basic stack and all stacks have somewhat the same basic composition.


Goal based stack are for those who have..well goals to reach, Fat-loss, shredding, bulking, muscle-gain and a ton of other personal fitness goals. You can contact me using the Contact Me form and get your own customized supplement stack (I know you won’t). Goal Based stacks add a few more products to suit your goal, like a fat-burner for fat loss, or a mass gainer for packing on size and many more. More professional and experienced athletes have a ton of supplements in their stack ZMA, Citrulline Malate and so on. You wouldn’t need these if you’re not competing in a Pro Competition as these products need to be consumed in moderation and have some other effects linked to them. For now stick to the Pre-Intra-Post and add any other supplement that fits your goal and you will be right as rain. Do not copy paste some internet phenomenons stack as your stack, chances are you’ll end up taking something you shouldn’t have and now you’re stuck with some hormonal imbalance or elevated libido and anger issues- Or even worse. So to be safe just stick with the stuff that you really and do not try to be fancy and fudge up your body.


To sum this up, I would recommend devouring any available info on the supplement you plan to add in your stack, consider it’s effects and it’s effectiveness. The whole point of creating a stack is to take some supplements together so that each benefits from the other thus you can get more out of your supplement than what you would have if you took it without making the beneficial combination. Stacks are necessary and I guess almost every fitness junkie has one. It is so simple yet so elaborate. But you don’t have to make the journey unless you really need to. Also remember that just having a stack won’t magically give you results, proper training and eating collectively will give you the physique of your dreams. That’s it for this post people, keep lifting. You can send in your queries and requests to me via the Contact Me and Requests and Feedback pages. Goodbye…..until the next post (very soon…..probably).


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